Friday, December 23, 2016

A Weekend in Seattle

Back in November, I took a weekend trip to Seattle, Washington to visit a friend.  The two of us worked together back in Indiana, and she actually helped me get my job.  She moved to Seattle soon after I relocated to Texas, so it was a real treat to get to reunite halfway across the country with her and to explore a new-to-me city.  It was cold and rainy, but I still found myself fascinated by the beauty of the city and the surrounding areas.

It was overcast and drizzling, but I quickly learned that Seattle has a beauty to it that shines through the dreariness.  I'd been to Seattle once for a swim meet in high school, but we didn't have the opportunity to see much of the city then.  So it was a lot of fun for me to explore downtown Seattle with my friend and see those things that I only managed to glimpse out of a hotel room the first time around - like the famous Pike's Place Market with fish galore! 

I also had my first Seattle area ferry experience!  We took a short (but freezing!) ferry ride out to beautiful Vashon Island for the afternoon.  On Vashon, we enjoyed some local wine tasting and a tour of the island's lighthouse.  Vashon is a quaint little island, which contrasted nicely with the hustle of downtown Seattle.

There were a few things that I took away from Seattle.  First - there is so much beauty in the cloud cover that constantly hovers over the city.  Second - the locals are down to earth and really love all things nature.  The parks in Seattle were all meticulously maintained and were free!  And lastly - the temperatures, though cold to this warm-blooded Texan while I was there, are really quite tolerable year-round... and I really didn't mind the rain half as much as I thought I would!  Personally, I love sunshine too much to survive there but I can see why many people choose to make Seattle their home, including my friend.

It was a lot of fun exploring Seattle and seeing my friend in her new hometown.  And I'm glad that though our friendship initially began when we lived and worked in the same place, it continues even when we are states away from one another!  

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