Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sara Does Dallas

One of my very best friends, Sara, came down from Indiana to visit last month.  It was her second trip to Dallas (she came down to see us this and I was determined to make it as fun and as Dallas-y as possible.  We had the best time!

Once she arrived on Friday, we headed over to my favorite happy hour spot in town, Happiest Hour, before meeting up with Steve for dinner at one of our favorite Uptown tex mex spots.  We had a lot of catching up to do!

We began the day on Saturday with a four mile hike at Cedar Ridge Preserve.  I am a big fan of Cedar Ridge and was glad to be able to share it with Sara.  We hiked, we chatted, we tromped through some mud - it was a great time!

Post-hike Whataburger diet cokes for the win!

Next up was lunch at the park with food truck grilled cheese - so Texan.  

After a shopping trip to Target (our tradition), we headed to Deep Ellum for the evening.  We strolled through the area and took in some of its eccentricities before joining Steve for the best sushi in town - Deep Sushi!  

We wrapped up the evening with cocktails and more catching up.  Sara and I are both ESFJ personalities and if there is anything we love to do, it's talking!  Sara is one of those friends who I text and call a ton, but when I see her in person we still manage to have so much catching up to do!

 I was sad to see Sara leave on Sunday, but my heart was full from the time we got to spend together. Thanks for coming to visit, Sara!  Dallas misses you already!

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