Saturday, December 12, 2015

Early Christmas Present

This year, Christmas came early in our house - Steve got a new job!  His first day was on Monday and he is loving it so far.

This year has been one of many transitions.  Selling our house, moving to Dallas, learning a new town, doing long-distance for a few months, taking the Texas bar, my new job... and now Steve's.  It is perfect for him, and better than even what we had been praying for.  In His typical fashion, God showed up big time and blew us out of the water with this job.  

This blog has been quiet off and on this year.  Sometimes it was hard to know what to say while we were still waiting for God to put the pieces of this new chapter of our lives together.  He's still doing that, but for now I am just so grateful for the pieces He has put together, including Steve's great new job.  It was an amazing early Christmas present!  

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