Monday, October 26, 2015

Things I Forgot About Fall

It's hard to believe that we only have one week of October left.  I feel like it was only yesterday that Starbucks started selling those cute little fall cups with leaves on them.  This season has been both fun and surprising to me - mainly because I think that over the six years that I spent in the Midwest, I forgot what fall looks like in Texas!

Fall in Texas is a lot different from fall in the Midwest (and, I think, pretty much anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line).  Now that I'm back in Texas and experiencing Texan fall again, here are a few things that I forgot about what fall is like here:

 - I forgot that the "f" in a Texas fall really just stands for football.  I forgot how big of a deal high school football is down here.  I've missed that!  Steve and I went to a high school football game last weekend in the hopes of Steve experiencing Texas high school football in all of its glory (think Friday Night Lights) for the first time.  Sadly, we didn't realize that the game we were attending was between two private high schools - hardly the true Texas football experience.  So we are going to try again, this time at a big local public high school.  I am really excited about it.  *cue flashbacks to my high school experience*

 - I forgot that fall in Texas means all things homecoming...including the gloriousness of the Texas phenomenon that is the homecoming mum.  That high school game we went to may have been a little small, but luckily for us, it was the homecoming game - so Steve finally got to see homecoming mums in action.  And when I'm talking about a mum, I don't mean the pretty little flower - I mean these things, that are so heavy you have to pin them to overalls or jean jackets (or at the girls apparently do it now, wear it around your neck cowbell-style) *cue another fun flashback from high school:

 - I forgot that fall in Texas does not mean that you should retire your flip flops for the season.  I'm still getting used to ladies down here raving about pumpkin spice lattes and all things fall, while wearing white pants/skirts and strappy sandals to the office.  Don't get me wrong - I'm loving the indian summer that we are having, I'm just not sure yet how to work summer and fall at the same time!

 - I forgot that when it finally does get cold during fall in Texas (and by "cold" I mean the frigid high of 63 that we had today), I would think that it was so cold outside and want to pull out my entire winter wardrobe immediately!  It is so true, what they say, about your blood thinning in warmer temps...

 - I forgot how lovely it is to run outside during fall in Texas.  With highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s/60s, it's ideal running weather for me.

 - I forgot how sunny fall in Texas is.  If there's one thing that I've really noticed from being back in Texas, it's that the weather is extreme.  It's either a perfectly blue-sky sunny day, or it's flooding due to torrential downpours (like the ones we had this weekend from Hurricane Patricia).  As a self-proclaimed lover of sunny skies, I just can't get enough of how the sun hangs around even when the temperature drops.  Way to go, sun.

 - I forgot - or rather, I didn't quite understand - just how much Dallasites love the Cowboys.  I know this isn't quite fall-related, but sheesh...they are obsessed!  Although I must say, after a trip to Jerry's World earlier this year, I can kind of understand where some of the craze comes from.  That said, I am and will always be a Colts girl (even if they continue to break my heart like they did with yesterday's loss).

I do miss a few things about fall up north: comfy sweaters, scarves, boots, an excuse to make hot chocolate... but I know those will come eventually!

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  1. Love this!!! I had a friend tell me about the Texas homecoming mums, and I was soo confused - I had never seen such a thing!! Too funny! :) :)