Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday!  This week has been a busy one, so I'm really looking forward to the weekend.  We're starting the weekend off with a football game, followed by two glorious days of Texas fall weather.  I can't wait.

I've got five silver linings lined up for you on this beautiful Friday morning:

1.  Just-because flowers are my favorite.

2.  We had our friends Traci and Mark over for my first batch of chilaquiles for the season.  It was our first time to host a double date dinner in our house.  We go out to eat a lot way too much and I'm always nervous about cooking for people, but the meal was a hit and we had a great evening.  Here's to hosting more double dates out of our home in the future!

3.  UT beat OU last weekend in one of the best games I've ever been to - you can read all about it here!

4.  Steve and I took advantage of free tickets to my firm's suite for the Dallas Stars' home opener.  Hockey games are so. much. fun.  I'm hoping we can go to more games this winter.

5.  October in Texas - you are lovely.  We've had an Indian summer (today's high was an all-time record of 96) but next week Texan fall will really hit its stride with cooler mornings and evenings, and highs in the 70s.  I guess I'm keeping my shorts out for a little while longer!  The heat isn't keeping me from enjoying all things pumpkin, though... it is fall, after all :)

Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!

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