Sunday, October 4, 2015

Celebrations Galore

Last weekend, we headed up to Indiana for a long weekend full of celebrations.  The fun began with a surprise welcome at the airport when I landed.  I miss my small group girls like crazy and seeing them all lined up for me with these homemade signs made me weepy.  I love these ladies!  #lylas

After the airport surprise, we all went out to dinner at one of my favorite spots - a hibachi grill where we celebrated my birthday two years ago.  With great company and great food, my heart was already full and the weekend has just begun.

The next day, I spent a majority of the day working but got to sneak away for a quick lunch with two of my small group girls + little E.  The proof is in the post-lunch selfie!  ;)

Seeing my girls was such a joy.  Even though I haven't seen them in several months, I felt like all five of us could pick up right where we left off and it was as if I never moved.  I cherish friendships like that and am so grateful that they carved time out of their busy lives to love on me while I was in town.

So my small group girls' reunion was definitely celebration #1.  Celebration #2 of the weekend was the wedding of one of Steve's closest childhood friends.  Steve and two of his other best childhood friends were groomsmen in the wedding, so it was one big reunion with them and their wives!

The wedding itself was great and made me so excited for the happy couple as they start this new chapter of life together.  The bride tore up the dance floor and the groom beamed all night.  They are a great match and celebrating with them was so much fun.  We danced the night away, saw off the happy couple with our friends, and then grabbed Steak n' Shake milkshakes on the way home.  All in all, a great night.

The next day, the second celebration of the weekend began - this guy's 30th birthday!

We celebrated Steve and his twin's big day one day early with his family.  After present opening and two different birthday cakes (each twin gets his own!), we watched the Colts pull off a comeback victory.  It was a good day.

Oh, and we also got to meet three sweet little ones that day - two little darlings who live on the east coast and one adorable little guy who I got to hold for the first time since he was born last winter :)

On our trip, we also got to spend some quality time with Steve's folks in southern Indiana.  We toured pumpkin patches and antique shops with cute hats... some mid-afternoon ice cream...

...and ate two delicious meals at Story Inn, where Steve and I spent our second anniversary!

It was really nice to have an extra day to spend with Steve's folks, and to enjoy the beautiful early fall weather.  In my humble opinion, early fall is the best time of year in Indiana.

And I know this post is super long so I'll leave y'all with this one, just for fun.  Steve loves mid-travel selfies, and I clearly don't.  Hah!

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