Saturday, September 12, 2015

Some Thoughts

Do you ever feel like you have so much to say, but don't even know where to begin?  That's how I've felt over the last few weeks.  And why it's been quiet around these parts.

I can't believe that we are already in the middle of September.  How time flies, sometimes.  I forgot how endless summer feels in Texas.  It was in the 90s over Labor Day and my family spent the weekend boating to escape the heat.  It dropped to mid-80s today and it feels like "fall."  I'm sure my Indy friends will get a kick out of that, but it's funny how relative hot and cold can feel depending on where you are.  I love all things summer, so knowing that sweater weather isn't quite here yet has been a fun adjustment.

{wake surfing on Ray Roberts Lake}

I thought life would settle in a little more after the Texas bar exam, but it's still be crazy around here.  So to catch you up to speed, here are some of the happenings in our house these days:

  - We have made some good friends through old college connections.  We are all about the double date these days - Rangers games, Cowboys games, our #dallasfoodtour of any and all Tex Mex restaurants in the Metroplex... :)  Having a full social calendar has been a real treat for me.  Tonight is the Rice vs. UT game, which we are watching with a good couple friend of ours.  They are both UT grads, so this will be fun.  Go Owls!

- Steve bought a motorcycle and has spent as much time as he can riding with my dad or working on the bike.  It's a passion that he never knew he had (well, until two weeks before the bar exam when he bought the bike!).

{Dad and Steve on their first ride together}

 - We joined a church down here and are in the process of plugging in.  While I'm looking forward to making new connections down here, it's making me miss my Christian family at our old church in Indy.  "Make new friends, but keep the old - one is silver and the other's gold" = my mantra these days.

 - We have had a lot of good quality time with my parents lately.  It has been so fun and being close to them continues to be an ongoing blessing.

{post-church Labor Day Weekend}

 - I am enjoying my job a lot.  I am working more than I did in Indiana but I don't mind because I get to work on very cool projects.  My nerdy side is coming out a whole lot.

 - We had a few trips last month - one to Washington D.C. for a wedding and I drove down to Houston for a girls' weekend with my college bestie/roomie.  Both trips were a blast and it was especially good to catch up with my college roommate and some other Rice friends.  It's such a treat to have her within driving distance now.  And an extra plus - I got to see my sister on that trip too.

{so much love for these folks}

 - I have watched my husband work through some tough job-related stuff and have been encouraged lately by his dedication to me and to the health of our marriage.  We are still wading through some the final pieces of our transition to Texas, but he has risen to the occasion and is fighting for us and for our life together.  Going through something like a cross-country move really tests one's heart, and is anything but easy.  While he, like everyone, is not perfect, I see his heart and it is golden.

{dancing the night away at a friend's wedding in Houston}

 - I am working on taking better care of myself with a new workout regimen and eating better.  The workouts are killer (they are boot camp-style workouts with lots of pushups, burpees, etc) but I feel stronger after a 5 weeks of the program and have 7 more to go.  I've been trying to eat food that fuels my body, too (although I'm sure that eating the cookies hot off the oven as I baked them for the football game tonight wasn't exactly helping my healthy eating cause!  Oops!)

 - I am also thrilled to say that my back has been relatively pain-free, and I am back to running shorter distances on off-days from my boot camp training.  It has been such a pleasure to be able to run again.  I am sticking to my physical therapy routines from the winter and I think that is doing wonders.

{view on one of my weekend morning runs}

I feel like our life down here is still coming together, but is has taken shape and we are enjoying it.  Hopefully this gives you at least a snippet of what we have been up to lately while life continues to settle!

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