Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So Long Summer: Broken Bow, OK

My life this past summer could easily be segregated into pre-bar exam and post-bar exam life.  Pre-bar exam life is not the greatest.  It requires lots of studying, stamina, and stress.  But post-bar exam life - let me tell ya, it is the best.  I know we are moving quickly into fall, but before I bid a final adieu to this summer I want to remember some of the highs of the summer (post-bar summer that is!).    So please bear with me while I jump back in time a few weeks and get caught up to speed with a couple of "So Long Summer" posts!

Post 1: our post-bar incredible trip to Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

After the last day of the Texas bar exam, Steve and I stumbled out of the testing center and headed straight to my parents' house (after stopping for a celebratory Whataburger milkshake and fries!)  Once we arrived, the four of us piled into my parents'  car (along with our two dogs) and headed up to Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma for a long weekend of relaxation.  My sister joined us the next day with her dog, so we had a full house - four of my favorite people and three of my favorite dogs all in one space!

Broken Bow is a favorite spot of my folks' and after spending the weekend there, I totally understand why.  We rented a cabin close to the lake, which was just the right size for our crew.

If you've read the blog for a while, you know by now how much my family loves water.  Boating is our favorite pastime, and we have been on some beautiful lakes across the country.  Broken Bow is a relatively short drive from Dallas, and quickly became one of my favorite lakes we've boated on to-date.

{my sister, the wake surfing queen}

We spent all weekend on the lake - skiing, wake boarding, wake surfing, you name it.  When we weren't on the lake, we were playing cards at the cabin (my family is very competitive when it comes to playing hearts!)

It was the perfect way to unwind after the exam before heading back into "real life."  Now, to just get my folks to build their own cabin up there and we will be all set ;)

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