Friday, June 5, 2015

Texas Forever

Hello!  Long time, no talk.  Thanks for bearing with the radio silence around these parts the last few months.  As I said in my last post (over six months ago!), God was doing some big stuff in my life.  And while sometimes I feel like I'm still caught up in that whirlwind, I've missed this little space and the sense of community that comes with it.  So I'm happy to say that TSL is back - with a new look, new posts and a brand new beginning in a brand new state!

Here's what I've been up to the last few months...

In October, God dropped my dream job in my lap.  I was contacted out of the blue for a position that was just right for me.  And the best part?  It was in Dallas, Texas!  I had shared with Steve of my increasing desire to return to the Lone Star State, but it seemed like a far-off pipe dream at the time.  Turns out, God had other plans.  Within a few weeks, we found ourselves in DFW looking for a new home.

the night I told my beloved SG girls // celebration at In-n-Out after we found our new home // reminders in the midst of the chaos

Fast forward to December - we put our house up on the market in Indy and sold it within two weeks.  This was truly miraculous in my book, since we were in the throws of winter and not many folks want to buy a house over the holidays.

Christmas card photo shoot // Lyla stole the show // xoxo

So, we packed up our home and moved in with Steve's parents for two weeks over Christmas while we prepared to move to Texas.

Yuletide celebration // Christmas family photo shoot // my firm's holiday party and final farewell to a great group of colleagues

After spending a lovely holiday with his family (including Christmas dinner with his grandpa, who just passed away in May at the age of 99), we hit the road, Texas-bound!

my sleepy road trip partner // crossing the TX border // refueling in Memphis

Since we drove both of our cars, we split the 16 hour drive into two days and stopped in Memphis overnight.  Taking my friend Sara's advice (hi, Sara!!), I worked my way through the entire Serial podcast series and, before I knew it, we were crossing the Texas border and moving into our new home.

our new home // celebrating at Twisted Root Burger Co. // S lookin' good in our new kitchen

For the next few months, our life in Dallas was a little different.  We were settled-but-not-quite, since Steve was wrapping up his current job in Indianapolis during the week and joining me in Texas on the weekends.  We found a church home and joined, but pressed "pause" on joining a small group until Steve moved down here fully-time.  While being apart during the week wasn't the easiest thing in the world, it did make us appreciate more the time that we did have together on the weekends.  We used our weekends this spring to explore our new city and had a blast doing it.

 Steve's first Freeboards experience // bike riding around SMU's campus // first of many weekly dinner dates with one of my best friends from high school, who now lives 10 minutes from me!

my cowboy // weekend trip to Austin // walking along SoCo in Austin

 view from my office // lunch date with my dad // downtown Dallas

A few of the highlights from our weekend adventures include: a Texas Rangers game, a rodeo, hiking, biking, spending time with my folks, boating and, of course, eating lots and lots of Tex Mex.  A part of me is certain that Steve was convinced to move to Texas solely to enjoy the Tex Mex cuisine on a weekly near-daily basis.

hiking at Cedar Ridge // sunset stroll // bike rides at White Rock Lake

 top golf date night // Rangers game // Mavs game

indoor skydiving for my aunt's birthday // afternoon swim // brunch with my high school girlies

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I settled very quickly back into the South's definition of "winter."  I experienced three "snow/ice days" within a week, which was humorous considering all of the snow that pummeled Indy at the same time but had yet to cancel a day's work.

Fort Worth Rodeo // hot tubbing in the snow on my birthday after the office closed early // Dallas Arboretum with Erin

weekend trip to Indy once the snow melted to: see my beloved small group ladies  // surprise my friend Sandy at her bridal shower // date night with this beauty

And for those of you wondering what Lyla has been up to - she's living the dream.

Lyla and her bff, Herman (my parents' dog) // pink and white blur sprinting in the snow during one of our snow days // hiking at Cedar Ridge

Fast forward to now - we are feeling more and more settled into our life in Dallas.  I praise God daily for His provision of my job down here and the opportunity to live in this vibrant, exciting city.  We love our new church and are starting to make some good friends.  Steve and I are both in the throes of studying for the Texas Bar Exam, so my presence on here may dwindle a bit as we get closer to the exam (at the end of July)... but is it nerdy of me to say that I have actually been enjoying the bar study prep?  I'm pretty sure it is.

symphony with the family // Good Friday service at our church // my sister moves back to Texas this month!

Life down here isn't perfect, certainly, but I am enjoying this new phase immensely.  I miss our friends in Indy, though - which is partially one of the reasons I wanted to revive this space.  So all you Indy folks could see what we are up to down here (and hopefully it will make you want to come visit!).  And to the rest of my blog friends and readers, it is good to be back with you!

two peas in a pod // #texasforever // lakes, lakes everywhere!

Whew, that was a lot!  Thanks for sticking with me to the end :)


  1. wow. so much is happening but that is super awesome! good luck on the bar!! i totally get your nerdiness of loving the studying/prep (just in accounting not law)!

  2. Loved this post and reading all of your updates!
    Sounds like Dallas is a fun place to be! :)

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you're back to blogging! I'm excited to follow along! <3

  4. Thanks, it's good to be back! :)

  5. Thanks!! I'm glad to know it's not just me :) Accounting and law are a lot alike!

  6. Thanks! We've really been enjoying it so far! Hope you had a nice weekend!