Thursday, October 2, 2014

leah and (other) steve's wedding - a halsey family album

My cousin Leah got married this past weekend on a beautiful September day here in the Midwest.  Her husband is the perfect match for her, and also happens to be named Steve.  Since my Steve was introduced to the family two+ years ago, we have been jokingly referring to Leah's Steve as the "Other Steve" - too many Steves gets to be confusing!  We will find a better name for him soon.

Almost all of my dad's side of the family was able to join in on the fun, so the weekend also felt like a family reunion of sorts.  I did a terrible job of documenting the wedding itself, but have plenty of family pictures that I want to keep track of.  So I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the members of the Halsey clan!

This is my mom.  Isn't she stunning?

And these are my parents!

Here's our immediate family (minus my sister) at the wedding.


Here are the fearless leaders of our clan, my grandad and grandma.  They live in New Mexico and getting my grandad to smile in a picture can be hard work!

My grandparents have five kids, so I have four pretty terrific aunts/uncles.  They live all across the country but still manage to get together as a family pretty regularly.

This is my Aunt Laura.  She and I share a middle name - Elizabeth - and have to take an Elizabeth Halseys picture anytime we are together.  She just moved to Texas this summer and now lives a few minutes from my parents!  Can't wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with her.

Here's a picture of Grandma and Grandad with their grandkids.  I'm right next to the bride and groom!  Missing from this picture: my sister, my cousin Ben (who was there but somehow avoided the picture?!) and my eldest cousin, who is pregnant with the first great-grandkid!  

This is my sweet cousin Audrey, sandwiched by the Elizabeth Halseys.  I can't believe she'll be college-bound next fall!

This is my youngest cousin, Will, who ordered a full rack of ribs at dinner after the wedding and managed to eat almost the entire thing.  He's a trooper.

And last but not least, those of you who have been around for a bit surely recognize this guy.  The hubs, who was also the birthday boy last weekend.  A birthday post is forthcoming :)

So there you have it!  The Halsey's are a super-fun crowd and I always love the opportunity to catch up with them at any event.   And a big congrats to the happy couple!  Welcome to the family, (other) Steve ;).  We're glad to have you.


  1. You all look so great! :-) My family has 3 versions of "Nate" so we call my little brother "Nathanael," my husband "Nate," and my sister's boyfriend "Nathan." :-)

  2. That is great! We did ask Other Steve if he would be okay going by Stephen and he said he actually preferred that... but my cousin calls him Steve so I think we'll need to run it by her before giving him the elongated version of his name!