Monday, September 1, 2014

dear monday

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you are having a safe and fun holiday with friends and family.

Dear Indy Express Bus, it was so easy to hitch a ride with you back up to the north side of Indy when Steve's car was in the shop and he needed mine after work on Wednesday.  Now, if I had only ridden the bus to Fishers instead of winding up in a random Meijer's parking lot in Carmel...!  Note to self: be sure to read the sign on the front of the bus before getting on next time.  Talk about a blonde moment!

Dear Dad, your birthday is this week.  I wish I could be there to celebrate with you.  I am thankful that I was able to be there last year when you and Mom moved into your new house, and I'm so glad that we get to see you two times this month.  It almost makes up for missing your actual birthday.

Dear Chicago, you are so lovely in the summertime.  We visited your Jazz Fest yesterday, had some delicious deep dish pizza and caught a great White Sox game (my first).  Despite a few glitches like getting to the game an hour late and a malfunctioning ez-pass on the toll road, it was a good day.  

Dear Steve, you braved the Notre Dame crowds with me on Saturday to attend the Rice v. ND game - and even had the guts to wear a Rice hat.  Even though our team got creamed and I had the worst ND fan ever sitting behind me, I had a good time and enjoyed seeing my Rice Owls play in person.  I couldn't have done it alone, so thanks for being my co-adventurer.

{Following this sweet series by Elle & Co, every Monday I write four letters - one to my husband and and three random letters to whatever else I is on my heart each week - in an effort to practice thankfulness on a more routine basis.  Feel free to join me!}

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