Wednesday, August 6, 2014

like mother, like daughter

Last weekend, I flew to Houston, Texas to attend my ten year high school reunion.  My parents have since moved from Houston to Dallas-Fort Worth, so I made plans to stay with friends over the weekend.  When I told my mom that I would be in Houston, I was thrilled when she offered to drive down and spend a day with me.  I promptly changed my travel plans to arrive in Houston early Friday morning so we could spend the entire day together.  We had such a great time! 

I woke up at 4am to catch my flight Friday morning.  I thought I would be exhausted since I never get up that early, but I was just too excited.  I was ready to go!  I arrived in Houston around 8am and met my mom for breakfast at an old favorite of ours, La Madeleine, in Rice Village.  We used to meet up at La Madeleine back when I was in college, since my college campus is just four blocks away. 

After a deliciously long two hour breakfast (we had a lot to catch up on!), we drove over to my alma mater, Rice.  After all these years, I still swoon over the live oak trees lining the campus loop. 

Our first stop took us to my old "dorm" - Baker College.  Let me explain.  You see, the housing at Rice operates on the residential college system - kind of like Harry Potter.  It's one of the best and most unique elements of the school.  When you come in as a freshman, you are assigned to a certain residential college and that college becomes your home for the next four years and forever.  I will forever be a Bakerite and I honestly think that Baker is the best college of them all. 

My second cousin is just about to start his freshman year at Rice, and got assigned to Baker as well!  He is very lucky ;) and I was thrilled to find that we'd have another Bakerite in our family.  He'll be having breakfast, lunch and dinner here for the next four years!

On our way to the campus bookstore, we swung by my favorite part of campus - the sallyport.  Every Rice student matriculates into and graduates out of the sallyport, so it holds special significance to us alumni.  Those long poles sticking out of the building are used to hang flags for each residential college during matriculation and commencement. 


After wrapping up our campus tour, we did some shopping in Rice Village and found the best candle display of all time.  Apparently the women in our family love all food-inspired candles.  To be fair, we smelled nearly every candle in the store... but the food ones are our definite favorites.

We also made quite the successful trip to White House Black Market.  That store is usually hit-or-miss for me - this time was definitely a hit.  We got new dresses for my cousin's upcoming wedding in September.  Shopping with my mom was just so much fun.  She knows my tastes so well (probably in part because they are so much like hers!) and we just laugh our way through every store. 

Next up on our agenda was a trip to Montrose for the best Greek food in town...

...Niko Nikos!  Just look at these delicious desserts.  We texted this picture to my dad and sister and they knew right away where we were.  

We grabbed a table and ordered a delicious tabuli/hummus appetizer while waiting for the main course...  .

Gyros!  Yum.


After a couple of hours of talking at the restaurant (I'm serious, we had lots to catch up on!), we wrapped up our time together with a quick trip to DSW.  Because what woman doesn't need/want a new pair of shoes?  :)

I was so touched that my mom made the four hour drive to Houston just to spend the day with me.  I miss her terribly and hadn't gotten to spend quality time with just the two of us in a long time.  It was wonderful.  Saying goodbye was hard, but made easier by the fact that I get to see her again at our family reunion in South Dakota next week.

Thanks for spending the day with me, Mom.  Love you and see you soon!

{Check back tomorrow for a recap of my high school reunion and more Houston adventures!}


  1. What a fun trip!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :-)

  2. What a great trip...spending time with my Mom always just refreshes my soul! And of course I am sure the shopping helped too! ;-)

  3. Thanks! The best part was just seeing my mom :)

  4. Same here! And yes, a girl can never say no to shopping ;)

  5. Ahh yes, aren't gyros the best? I like to pretend they are semi-healthy but I'm sure they are terrible for you :)