Friday, August 8, 2014

hey there, high school

I flew down to Texas for the weekend to attend my ten-year high school reunion and had a blast.  After arriving in Houston and spending a great day with my mom, my college roommate and I headed off to our favorite restaurant, Chuy's, for the best tex-mex in Texas.  I filled up with tons of chips and queso and a swirl margarita - yummm.

My college roommate also had her ten-year high school reunion this past weekend, so I spontaneously decided to be her date to Part 1 of her reunion.  Her high school class and mine were both really big, so I was glad to go along as someone she knew from the start.  I am an extrovert, so if I'm in the mood it's actually a lot of fun for me to meet new people and we did plenty of that! 

The next morning, I met two of my dearest high school girl friends for lunch at another Houston staple - the Hobbit Café.  I've written about this cute little place before - it never fails to disappoint. 

After spending the afternoon out in the suburbs (where I'm from), we got dressed up and headed back into town for the reunion!

I was actually pretty nervous walking into the venue.  I think that, ultimately, I was afraid deep-down that I wouldn't be memorable.  That people wouldn't remember me.  Which ended up being so silly, in the end.  I had an absolutely wonderful time.

{representing for the varsity swimmers!}
{AP nerds unite}

Please excuse the quality of some of these pictures - I was too busy catching up with folks to worry about good lighting and picture clarity.  Most of the time, I simply forgot to take pictures at all.  But honestly, I think at a reunion, that's the way it should be.

{fine arts folks}
 {show choir reunion}
{sweet girls I hadn't seen in ages}
{saying goodbye to my friend and dance partner Ben, who moved to California the next day}

And of course, what would a reunion be without a fun photobooth?

I am so glad that I decided to make the trip down for my class reunion.  It exceeded all expectations and connecting with so many old friends was such a joy for me.  I think I am still on the reunion high a little bit. 

If you are considering ever attending your next high school reunion, or even think to yourself, I wouldn't be caught dead at my reunion, just consider this post as my encouragement to at least give it a second thought.  You could end up having the best night ever.


  1. That sounds like the perfect reunion weekend! It's awesome that you got to see your college roommate, too!

  2. Thanks! Yes, it's definitely a huge perk that my high school friends and college roommate live in the same city so when I visit I get to see everyone :)

  3. How fun! Yes...Chuy's is my favorite too :) I haven't been in a while but need to! Loved your dress you wore to your reunion. Looks like it was a lot of fun! Mine was small bc I went to a small school but we still had a blast!