Monday, August 11, 2014

dear monday

Dear Steve, this past weekend wasn't our finest moment.  We fought and, to be honest, it was pretty awful.  We still haven't really resolved the issue.  But in the midst of the ugly, we are both still here.  I don't have to fear that you will get fed up and just leave if we disagree on something.  You are committed to me and to our marriage, and for that I am thankful.

Dear Abby & Eric, your wedding was absolutely perfect.  I loved celebrating with you and tearing up the dance floor with the small group ladies.  Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs., and I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon! 

Dear summer, please don't leave yet.  I feel like you just got here.  This weekend the weather was hot and humid... and I loved it.  It reminded me of Texas and made me a little homesick. 

Dear Steve, we leave on Thursday for my family reunion in South Dakota.  We're both taking a day off of work to attend.  I appreciate your willingness to make spending time with my family a priority - especially since they live far away.  I'm really looking forward to the reunion!

{Following this sweet series by Elle & Co, every Monday I write four letters - two to my husband and and two random letters to whatever else I is on my heart each week - in an effort to practice thankfulness on a more routine basis.  Feel free to join me!}


  1. Love your honesty, Amy :) We fought a bit this weekend too but isn't it great knowing that with unconditional love, they're not and we're not going anywhere?!