Tuesday, August 26, 2014

currently: august

"The first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning.  The weeks that come before are only a climb from balmy spring, and those that follow a drop to the chill of autumn, but the first week of August is motionless, and hot."
- Natalie Babbit, Tuck Everlasting

Beautiful South Dakota

ReadingSecret History (Donna Tartt) & This Is Where I Leave You (Jonathan Tropper) - both great.
Making: some small (but big to me) decorating changes in the house.
Cooking: spaghetti squash (with this recipe).  The perfect meal for this pasta-loving gal!
Drinking: raspberry lemonade.  It's summer in a glass.
Deciding: that I will take 100 degrees and 100% humidity over a polar vortex any day.
Wanting: to re-live our time in South Dakota for my family reunion.
Playing: youtube videos (like this one) of Natalie Weiss.  Check her out - she's super talented.
WatchingDivergent last weekend - it was excellent.   
Exercising: with new spin classes and consistent morning workouts - back to my early bird routine!
Learning: "there is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still."
Pinning: bible verses shared with my by a dear friend during a tough day.
Wishing: summer wouldn't end.  I know most people are ready for fall, but I'm not there yet.
Wearing: this convertible dress from White House Black Market.  It's like having 15 dresses in 1.
Missing: my mom.
Reflecting: on my ten-year high school reunion earlier this month and how much fun I had.
Feeling: stressed.  Work has gotten very busy recently (thus the lack of blog posts!)
Praying: that our car would be repaired quickly and with good care.
Loving: celebrating the beautiful wedding of two precious friends with our small group.


  1. I love spaghetti squash!! I've never been to South Dakota or even around there really. I need to make it there someday!

  2. I don't know why I've waited so long to try it - it really is a great substitute for pasta! I highly recommend taking a trip to western SD. It's beautiful and pretty affordable to visit too. It was my first time out that way as well!