Tuesday, July 29, 2014

only three miles

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably remember this post when I decided to train for a marathon.  You may also remember this one, when I hurt my left calf and had to rest.  Then I was dealt a pretty severe knee injury that left me unable to walk down the stairs without pain.  It was pretty bad.  So my marathon training went on temporary hiatus.


I've been easing my way back into a workout routine over the last month or so.  After a while, I decided that I was well enough to attempt to run a bit.  Armed with new (better) running shoes, I hit the treadmill at my gym. My legs felt weak and my body, stiff.  I set a pace much slower than my prior training pace and trudged my way through three miles before calling it quits. 

Exhausted and disappointed, I drove home in a sour mood.  When I stumbled in the front door, Steve asked how my workout had gone. 

"I only made it through three miles," I said, begrudgingly. 

"Only three miles?" he responded, "Last week, you couldn't run any, but this week you ran three.  Amy, three miles is great!

He beamed at me as I trudged off to lick my wounds ice my knee.

Later, as I reflected on our conversation, I thought to myself - he's rightThree miles is great.  It didn't matter that I set a goal for a higher mileage.  I was able to run, period.  That, in and of itself, was amazing!  It was foolish of me to be so short-sighted as to miss that great blessing. 

My workout regimen these days still doesn't look like a marathon training schedule.  But that's okay.  I'm listening to my body, strengthening it and not pushing it beyond what it can handle.  I'm trying some new routines in the gym and mixing it up has been a lot of fun.

So I may not be racking up double-digit mileage anytime soon... but until then, I'm trying to enjoy the ride and choosing to praise the Lord that I am able to exercise at all.  And in the meantime, I'm still able to lace up, throw on some tunes and enjoy this pretty view on some long-ish runs.  Praise God.


  1. it's so cool how we can learn so much about God and ourselves in simple situations :)

  2. Girl, you're amazing!!! I am just finishing couch to 5K and every bit makes a difference...I am thinking of running a half marathon for my 30th birthday in just over a year...keep it up!!!! You can do it:)

  3. Thank you!! That's so great that you're thinking of a half marathon - you should do it! Believe it or not, they are a lot of fun :)

  4. He's totally right!!! 3 miles is GREAT when you haven't been able to run! :-)

  5. what a wonderful husband you have and thankful for his perspective!! he is right you are able to run 3 miles and that is awesome

  6. Thanks, it's all about keeping it in perspective!

  7. Yes he is a sweetie - and a wise one too! I'm glad he can help me see straight when my vision gets clouded :)