Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of july recap: part 2

The rest of our day in Put-In-Bay was full of exploring.  We had the best lobster bisque bread bowls in town at the Boardwalk...

Saw the world's largest geode in the infamous Crystal Cave, which, according to our tour guide when I asked her, has been here for "millions of years, of course!"  Riiiight...


....and putted around in Clarabella, the best golf cart on the island.

The next morning, we hit the lake for a jet ski ride!

After debating how to spend the rest of our day, we decided around 4pm to splurge on Fast Pass tickets at Cedar Point.  By far the best decision of the weekend - we were able to skip most of the lines at the park and managed to ride on 15+ rides before the park closed that night! 

Of course it's impossible to take pictures while on a roller coaster, so I spent most of the afternoon/evening panicking at the start of each roller coaster enjoying the moment.  But here are a few of my favorite rides from the day:

- Top Thrill Dragster.  This one tops them all.  Here's what it is like:

And here's a super blurry picture of the four of us (plus a totally chill old guy in front of us) going 120mph on the ride!  My apologies for the picture quality but I just couldn't leave this out!

- Power Tower: I actually hate free-fall rides like this so I opted out but I got to play photographer instead!

- Millennium Force: with beautiful views of Lake Erie and a super-smooth ride, I loved this one.  The part of roller coasters that scares me the most is the initial ascent before the big drop.  I call that the "creaking."  This one had a super long creaking, but the rest of the ride made up for it!

- Sky Hawk: Speaking of free-fall rides that I hate, here's one I agreed to go on.  Once.  It was terrifying.  But the guys loved it and rode it 3 times!  This is possibly my favorite picture of the whole weekend.  it looks like the guys are just being silly 4 ft above the ground, but they were actually mid-swing and moving super fast!  Perfectly timed photo :)

- Gatekeeper: a new one at Cedar Point and such a smooth ride! You're suspended off of each side of the track, so there's nothing above or below you.  It's a surreal feeling - kind of like you're flying.

- MaxAir: this is another crazy one that I opted out of, but it was fun to watch!


Such a fun long weekend.   Thanks for the great time, Chris and Emily!  We had a blast.   Come visit us in Indy soon!

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