Thursday, June 19, 2014

houseboat trip - part 1

After my sister’s medical school graduation, my family headed to beautiful Lake Ouachita for a week-long houseboat trip.  It was a great vacation - the best ever!  We spent five gorgeous days on the water.  The weather was perfect, the water temperature was just right, and the company was enjoyable (as always).  It was all around, a great trip.


We arrived mid-day Monday, just in time to pick up our houseboat at Dreamchaser Houseboats.

IMG 3833
My family has rented plenty of houseboats in the past - but this time we hit the jackpot.  Our houseboat was snazzed out to the max.  We had two full bathrooms, granite countertops, a dishwasher, super comfortable queen beds and a houseboat on the roof.  It was by far the nicest houseboat I’ve ever been on.

IMG 3872

Once we departed from the marina, we introduced Steve to one of our family house boating traditions: jumping off of the roof of the houseboat!

P1000619 P1000628
We “parked" the houseboat in a beautiful cove, which gave us a gorgeous view to fall asleep that night and to wake up to each morning of the trip.

P1000653 IMG 3843
After getting settled into the houseboat and cove, it was time to hit the lake.  My family is very big into pretty much every water sport.  One of the best parts of a houseboat trip is the uninterrupted time to be out on our ski boat.  We definitely took advantage of it on this trip!  First up on the house boating agenda: wake surfing!

P1000656 P1000657 P1000668 P1000672 P1000674 P1000693
After taking a break for lunch, inner tubing was up next.  When you tube with my dad driving the boat, you have to hold on for dear life.  It’s quite the wild ride.  My sister and I gave it a go first...

…and then Steve was introduced to inner tube battles.

We survived!

P1000749 P1000750 P1000757
The next day began with a little bit of fishing...

…followed by my favorite - wake boarding!

P1000810 P1010053 P1000796 P1000826
The hubs is a goober.  Check back in tomorrow for Part 2 of our vacation!


  1. I've never thought of renting a houseboat for a vacation. I've stayed on boats that belong to my friends' parents, but that is a great family vacation! It looks like you had a great time!

  2. It is a lot of fun! You definitely have to love the water though :)