Sunday, June 15, 2014

happy father's day!

Happy Father's Day to the best father in the whole world.

Father's Day falls on the same weekend that marks two years since my wedding day.  I love that as I look back on that special day, I am reminded so much of the precious moments spent with my dad that day - waiting in my getting ready room, walking me down the aisle, sharing a sweet father/daughter dance with me, kissing me goodbye as we left for our honeymoon.  I loved everything about my wedding day, but today I am especially thankful for the love of my father on that day - and how he loves me very day.

In honor of this special day celebrating the best dad a girl could ask for, here are ten life lessons I've learned from my dad:

1.  How to use a drill (and screwdriver and pretty much any tool ever).  

2.  The importance of being independent and self-sufficient, but still knowing when to ask for help.

3.  What a true leader looks like - both in the workplace and within the family.

4.  How to fix a flat tire (but still being willing to drive to my college campus to change it for me!).

5.  What a godly man looks like - and what to look for in a husband.
6.  Family always, always comes first.

7.  Failures are opportunities to try again and to succeed.

8.  If you drive a three-wheeler for the first time and crash straight into a bush, it's okay.  You'll just get made fun of for the rest of your life for it :)

9.  What its like to truly feel protected, cared for and loved.

10.  You're never too old to live a little on the wild side!
Happy Father's Day, Dad!  I love you lots and am so thankful to be your daughter!

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