Friday, June 20, 2014

friday five

Happy Friday!  This has been a long week (albeit a good week) for me, so I'm ready for the weekend.  I'm linking up today here and here with five silver linings for this week.
1.  I'm still on a high from our house boat vacation with my family at beautiful Lake Ouachita in Arkansas.  Never been on/heard of a houseboat trip before?  You can read about it here

2.  Steve and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on Monday.  Hard to believe it's been two years.  The actual day of our anniversary was pretty low-key with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, followed by a movie and looking through our wedding album.  It was really fun re-living the day together through the album.  Happy two years, my love!

3.  We also celebrated our anniversary over the weekend at the Story Inn (see #5) and I had one of the most amazing meals of my life at the Story Inn Restaurant on Saturday. 

4.  Golf season is upon us!  I played in my first tournament of the year last week (we lawyers love golf tournaments - and a day out of the office!) and got the golf bug again.  So I asked the hubs to take me golfing again the next evening.  I am still a beginner but definitely feel like I am getting the hang of it. 

5.  Steve and I made a last minute decision to get away for the weekend at Story Inn - a charming and historic bed & breakfast - to celebrate our anniversary.  Check back next week for a couple of posts on our trip!

This weekend, I am participating in a fundraiser trivia night and then traveling up to Chicago to see my grandma and Steve's grandpa.  I'm hoping to catch a little bit of time on Lake Michigan too, if the sun is out.  Have a great weekend!


  1. These look like some really sweet summer moments! :) congrats on two years!

  2. Happy second anniversary Amy & Steve!!

  3. Thank you! As Steve has continued to say, we have now been married for years ;)

  4. Thank you, Caitlin! It's been a good summer so far!