Tuesday, May 27, 2014

running recap: week 5

This post is part of an ongoing series to recap my runs as I train for a marathon - you can read more about that here
Well, Week 5 didn't quite go as planned.  After my long run from Week 4, I started to really struggle with pain in my left calf muscle.  I tried to push through it for two days, which was not a good idea.  After being unable to walk down the stairs without significant pain, I decided it was time to give my legs (well, really just my left leg) a break.  I'm pretty sure it's my soleus muscle that's causing the problem. 

Everything I read encouraged rest, icing and stretching, so that's what I did.  I also bribed the hubs to give me some (painful!) calf rubdowns, which helped immensely.  I am easing my way back in to running this week (with a 2.5 miler yesterday) and hope to get one more long run in before our vacation next week.
Here's my day-by-day breakdown this week:

Goal / Actual: 3 miles outside downtown after work.
Goal: 5 miles
Actual: 4 miles outside downtown after work - the first time I've stopped before hitting my mileage for the day.  This was when the pain was too much.  It was time to rest from here on out!
Goal / Actual: rest day
Goal: 3 miles
 Actual: injury rest day
Goal / Actual: rest day
Goal: 9 miles
Actual: swam laps for 40 minutes
Goal: cross-training
Actual: walked (at least) 4 miles at the Indy 500.  A great excuse for exercise!  I'll be posting about a great day at the racetrack soon.
Total mileage: 11 miles (this week will be better, I can feel it!)


  1. That's impressive! I hope your injury heals quickly! :)