Monday, May 19, 2014

running recap: week 4

This post is part of an ongoing series to recap my runs as I train for a marathon - you can read more about that here
If there is one word to describe Week 4, it is this: asthma.  Also known as my worst running enemy.  My seasonal allergies have kicked in the past couple of weeks, but this week in particular I started noticing shortness of breath in the smallest things.  I grew up with exercise-induced asthma, so this was no surprise but it amazed me how difficult it was to breathe during my runs this week.  So I slowed the pace down a little a lot, and focused more on just getting the miles in instead of how fast I was running.  That helped immensely. 

With all of the rain we had this past week, I also learned again how much I prefer running outside to running on a treadmill.  It took some creative maneuvering to get my runs in between rainstorms, but in the end the mileage got done.  This upcoming week's forecast is warm and sunny, so here's to hoping for more fun runs outside!
Here's my day-by-day breakdown this week:

Goal: rest day
Actual: 3 miles outside.  Another neighborhood loop.
Goal: 3 miles
Actual: rest day (swapped with Monday due to bad weather)
Goal: 4 miles
Actual: 5 miles on the treadmill. 
Goal: 3 miles
 Actual: rest day (swapped with Friday due to bad weather)
Goal: rest day
Actual: 3 miles outside.  Another neighborhood loop.
Goal: cross training
Actual: walking through the Broad Ripple Art Fair.  Kind of a sorry form of cross training, but hey, at least I was moving for several hours!
Goal: 8 miles
Actual: 8 miles outside on the beautiful Monon Trail.  I struggled so much to breathe in the first couple of miles that I was ready to give up and turn around.  I am pretty proud of this run, though, because I persevered and ran all 8 miles - 4 north, and 4 back south. 
My pace was much slower than last week and I took a couple of walking breaks at miles 4 and 6, but I finished.  It was a great lesson for me on how running is partly mental and that my brain can outsmart my body if I train it right.

Total mileage: 19 miles (just one mile away from 20!)