Monday, May 12, 2014

running recap: week 3

This post is part of an ongoing series to recap my runs as I train for a marathon - you can read more about that here

Week 3 was a good week.  I feel like I am starting to really get in the groove with this whole running schedule thing.  In the past, I felt like to be a "serious" runner I had to stick to a strict schedule.  This time around, though, I've learned that flexibility is my friend.  If I have free time to run in the evening after work, I won't force myself to wake up early for a morning run.  If I have plans for a Tuesday dinner with friends, my Tuesday evening run might move to Monday - or Tuesday morning.  And so far, that's working out for me. 
Oh, and a quick update on my calf/shin pain - it's pretty much gone!  I'm still adhering to my icing/ stretching routine, which I think has made a big difference as my legs get used to the pavement pounding again. 
Here's my day-by-day breakdown this week:

Goal / Actual: rest day
Goal / Actual: 3 miles outside.  Another neighborhood loop.
Goal: 4 miles
Actual: 5 miles outside after work.  I felt great when I hit mile 3, so I decided to tack on an additional mile to my plotted course and run behind the Indianapolis Zoo.  It's a very pretty route!
Goal / Actual: 3 miles on the treadmill during my lunch break.  Although I love running outside, this weekly break for the treadmill at lunch has been a good call so far.  I couldn't do this every day of the week, but it's nice to get a break from my workday while also getting a lighter run out of the way.
Goal / Actual: rest day
Goal: 5 miles
Actual: 7 miles outside.  This run felt great!  I was only scheduled for a 5 miler (as a recovery from the past two long runs), but it was such a beautiful day outside and I felt so good that I added on another two miles.  I'm hoping the extra mileage will make it easier to come back from vacation in a few weeks.
Goal: cross training
Actual: 2 bike rides - one flying solo and one with the hubs.

Total mileage: 18 miles  (I can't wait to break the 20 mile marker soon!)

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  1. Amy that is so impressive...I'll have to read some of your other related post's...I did my first 5K yesterday and it is inspiring to get more into running.