Friday, May 9, 2014

friday five

Happy Friday!  I have some big plans this weekend to catch a baseball game, do some yardwork and enjoy a free jazz concert in the park.  Now let's just hope that the forecasted rain decides to not make an appearance...

I'm linking up here and here with five silver lining moments on this glorious Friday morning!

1.  Impromptu date to Game 1 of Playoffs Round 2 - the Pacers may have lost but we still had a blast.  Here's hoping they cruise to victory against the Wizards in Game 3 tonight.  #bluecollargoldswagger

2.  I found these beauties in my grandmother's garden last weekend, proving that Spring has (finally) sprung in Indiana.  Look for a post on my girls' weekend later today!

3.  I'm training for a marathon (you can read more about my crazy decision to do so here) and training is going well so far.  I'm loving the ability to run outside again! 

4.  Proudly displaying my handiwork after spending an afternoon planting some annuals and hostas in our front yard.  I'm no gardener, but I'm pretty pleased with how much little annual flowers can brighten up the view of our house from the street.

5.  CHUY'S.  In Indiana.  My life is complete.  I've raved about Chuy's before (here and here) and it's a must every time we are in Texas because it has the best tex-mex food in the world.  So imagine my sheer joy to learn that a Chuy's was opening no more than 10 minutes from my house.  Although it's no substitute for being in Texas itself, the delicious queso sure was a sight sore eyes on opening weekend.  In the future, if you need me, you can most likely find me at Chuy's. 

Have a great weekend, friends, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Those flowers are beautiful! :)