Friday, May 2, 2014

fort harrison hike

Last weekend, spring made its grand entrance in Indiana.  I couldn't wait to just get outside.  It had been far too long since my pale skin had seen the sun.  After my 6 mi run Saturday morning, Steve and I packed a lunch and headed over to Fort Harrison State Park for an afternoon of hiking. 

We hiked along the Fall Creek Trail and ate our lunch next to a small lake in the park.  I can't even begin to tell you how refreshing it was to see nature springing to life all around us that afternoon.  After we hiked ourselves out, we drove around the old military base in the park.  Fort Harrison is located in the heart of our city and I feel like we discovered a hidden gem, especially since the park is only about twenty minutes from our house!

It's my hope that hiking can become a new hobby for Steve and I to enjoy together.  Not to mention it's a cheap date - only $5 admission into the park!


  1. You just made hiking safer and more fun. I love walking through nature that is paved well for non-pro hikers like myself. i won't have to worry about getting bitten or stepping on anything :)


  2. I completely agree! I love to hike, but by no means am I a pro hiker. I'm glad state parks are making their trails a little friendlier for us non-hikers so we can enjoy nature too :)

  3. I agree, I hope people in my country invest in nature that much too! :) If you're bored and want to waste some time, you can drop by my blog! I have new posts here: :)