Monday, April 28, 2014

running recap: week 1

This past winter was a tough one for me.  I battled sinusitis/bronchitis through the majority of February and March, and have really struggled since then to get my body back into decent shape.  Now that it is warmer outside, I'm finding myself pulled more and more to pick up long-distance running again.  There's something so therapeutic about running to me, and I've missed it.

So I decided last week that I am going to train for a marathon.  I tried this once before - right after I got married - and had to stop due to injury (among other things, including the craziness of newlywed life!).   I have always wanted to run one, but life just seems to keep getting in the way.  But this time, I plan to train smarter, be better at setting aside time to myself for training and better prioritizing my mental and physical health.

I have to admit, I was initially terrified to admit this on the blog, because posting about training for a marathon makes the goal all the more real.  And if I fail, that will be all the more real too.  That is scary.  But I've learned that I am the kind of person who thrives on committing to goals - once I have actually committed.  So consider this as my all-in commitment.
My goal: to compete in a full marathon this year.  
Marathon options: Indy (Nov. 2nd), Fort Worth (Nov. 9th) or Dallas (Dec. 14th).   
Let's go.

I have a little over six months to train.  I'm generally following Hal Higdon's marathon training plan, with an extra several weeks added on to build up my running base and to account for vacations, etc.   I'll be posting a running recap on either Sunday or Monday of each week to sum up my workouts for the previous week.  So without further ado, I bring you Week 1's recap!
Goal: rest day
Actual: 3 miles in the morning followed by 4.5 miles that afternoon.  I was a little too excited about getting started.
Goal: 3 miles
Actual: rest day (swapped with Monday)
Goal: 4.5 miles
Actual: 4.75 miles after work
Goal / Actual: 3 miles before work (yay for morning runs!)
Goal / Actual: rest day
Goal / Actual: 6 miles in the morning.  Steve and I also went for a hike at Fort Harrison (a post coming on that soon!) and hiked approx. 3 miles.  I was wiped by the end of the day!
Goal: cross training
Actual: I weeded and planted flowers all afternoon.  It may not sound like a workout, but I am definitely sore today!

Are you currently training or thinking about training for a running race?  I would love to hear your training tips!
Or do you think training for a marathon is for crazy people?  Don't worry, sometimes I do too.
Let me know in the comments below!

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