Sunday, April 27, 2014

easter and birthday celebrations

When Steve learned that his grandmother was ailing, he and his brother decided to take advantage of the long Easter weekend to drive to Alabama to see her.  I didn't have Good Friday off, so I couldn't make the trip with them.  When I mentioned to my family last week that I would be at home by myself for Easter, my sister graciously offered me her Southwest miles - hello, free flight to DFW!  So off to Dallas I went... which worked out perfectly since we were able to celebrate not only Easter Sunday, but also my sister's 25th birthday!  

It was such a treat to see my family on such short notice.  Of course, I'm always thrilled to spend time with this little guy, too.  Herman and I went for a 3+ mile run on Saturday morning - he is a trooper.
Saturday was all about celebrating Shelby's birthday!  We made a stop at Cabella's, which never ceases to amaze me with the ornate display of stuffed (fake?) animals.
After a couple of detours (including a Texan gun shop called "Cheaper Than Dirt" - yes, that is the store's real name), we swung through Grapevine and took advantage of Sonic's happy hour specials for creamslushes.  Yum.
I love these three so much.
Later that day after a shopping excursion in Grapevine, we dyed easter eggs - a longstanding Halsey family tradition!
This is the "abagado pose."  Don't ask.
We broke open a bottle of wine that Shelby picked out in the Hill Country.  This was their "candid" pose.
All smiles!
One thing I absolutely love about my parents is their romantic spontaneity.  A romantic country song came on while we were dyeing eggs, and next thing I knew my parents were country waltzing around the living room.  So sweet.  (Sorry the picture is blurry, they were moving quickly!)
Next up: Shelby's birthday dinner, cake and presents!
On Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny stopped by and left us some delicious treats!
After church with my family, my dad and I went for a motorcycle ride.  We stopped by a memorial to two police officers who were killed by Bonnie and Clyde on Easter in 1934.  We had a great ride, followed by a delicious Easter dinner.  
It was a great weekend.  I'm already counting down to the next time we are in Texas - for my sister's med school graduation!  


  1. Amy: you, your mom, and sister are so beautiful!
    And your parents' house looks amazing!! :)

  2. Thank you Rachel! You are very sweet to say so! :)