Friday, April 18, 2014

currently: april

There's something so glorious about spring, isn't there?  The ground turns from brown to bright green, flowers begin to peer out at the world, the air turns from bitter to refreshing, and the sun lingers each evening like an old friend.  I feel like this month, I am coming out of hibernation - along with the rest of the world.  And it feels so very good.

reading: just finished The Man You Always Wanted Is The One You Already Have by Paula Friedrichsen.  A truly excellent read about appreciating your husband just as he is (imperfections and all).
making: my lunch.  We are now on a budget, so bringing my lunch to work is an easy way to save some $ and help to pay off those pesky student loans of mine asap.
cookingthis delicious recipe for a vegetable alfredo pasta bake.  The leftovers are even better, too.
drinking: LaCroix sparkling water.  Delicious, and a great way to stay hydrated too.
wanting: to be outside all the time, now that the sun has finally come out in the Midwest and spring seems to be here to stay.
watching: people in the airport.  I'm currently on my way to Dallas for a last-minute trip to celebrate my sister's birthday and Easter with my family.  I. am. so. excited.
eating: homemade food.  See making and cooking.
enjoying: the fact that I don't have to put on a winter coat before going outside!  Hello Springtime, I've missed you.
deciding: that I've had enough of winter for a long while.
wishing: that the beginning of June was here already.  We are going on a family vacation that I am super excited about.
exercising: running outside.  I had my first morning run of the season this morning.  I can't run outside when it's dark - I'm very prone to tripping all over myself - but the sun is coming up earlier and earlier so morning runs, here I come.
learning: that sometimes it's okay to say "no" without having a reason.
hoping: that those family members suffering from illness would be cured.
wearing: a maxi dress, spring scarf, jean jacket and flip flops (!!!!!)
noticing: the little signs of the arrival of spring.
knowing: that these super-pale legs need to see some sunshine stat.
thinking: that there's no place like home.
pinning: an inspiration board for my goals of 2014.
feeling: excited to see my family in a couple of hours!
praying: for patience.
looking forward to: celebrating my sister's 25th birthday tomorrow.
loving: free flights to Texas :)

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the sunshine!

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