Monday, March 17, 2014

she matched!!

Hi there friends - wow, it's been a while.  February flew by and I've been suffering from some writer's block... but don't worry, I have a few posts in the works and am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things soon.

In the meantime, I have some big news to share.

My little sister has spent the last four years devoted to her studies in medical school, with dreams of becoming a physiatrist.  The last few months were spent flying across the country for residency interviews, and it all came down to today - the day when she found out whether or not she "matched" with a particular residency program.

And I'm so very happy to report that SHE MATCHED!!!   Praise the Lord!!
Congratulations, little sis - I am so very proud of you.  Your hard work has truly paid off and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you in this next chapter of your life.  You never cease to amaze me and I know you're going to make one awesome physiatrist!

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