Monday, December 23, 2013

'twas the night before christmas

It's almost here - Christmas is only two days away!  This month seems like it has flown by.  In the midst of the chaotic holiday season, I managed to capture a few big and small moments of holiday celebrations with my iPhone.  So as we draw closer each hour to commemorating the birth of Jesus, here are a few ways in which we have been enjoying the Christmas season.

{christmas ornaments centerpiece}
{living room (and Lyla) ready for Christmas}
{attending the annual Yuletide Celebration with Steve's family}
{awaiting the Von Trapp Family Singers, who were part of Yuletide this year(!!!)}
{date night - Pacers win over the Houston Rockets}
{my two favorites watching the Colts game}
{exchanging a few presents that are too big to take to Texas}
Steve and I are headed back down to Texas this evening to spend the holiday with my family. I am counting down the hours until we arrive. There's nothing like celebrating the birth of Christ with those you love so dearly.  Have a very merry Christmas, friends!

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