Friday, December 27, 2013

the gaylord texan

My mom arranged a special surprise while Steve and I were in town for Christmas: a trip to the Gaylord Texan to tour its annual ice sculpture exhibit on Christmas Eve.  This year's exhibit was entitled ICE! featuring The Nutcracker and was incredible! 
The temperature inside the exhibit hall was 17 degrees, so we bundled up in winter coats, hats, gloves and parkas provided by the hotel.  We were lookin' pretty stylish rockin' those parkas, let me tell ya.
 The exhibit itself was incredible.  We walked our way through the Nutcracker story, one exquisite ice carving at a time.  I've never seen anything like it. 
 There was even an ice slide.  Of course, I made my sister go down with me.  Weeeee!
 The ICE! exhibit ended with a tour of New York City and a beautiful nativity scene.
After thawing out from the ice exhibit, we explored the rest of the hotel.  It was huge!  I would love to someday spend a long weekend there... there's so much to do that you would never have to leave the resort the entire time!  
 The Gaylor Texan's trademark is this huge Texan star in the center of the hotel.  I would love to see it lit up at night - I imagine it would be pretty breathtaking.
We wrapped up our trip with lunch at the Riverwalk Cafe.  Mexican food - yum!
It was a great trip to the Gaylord!  And even greater to spend the day with my beautiful family.  If you're ever in DFW and looking for a place to stay or just to spend a few hours and grab a good meal, I highly recommend checking out the Gaylord Texan.

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