Monday, November 4, 2013

the thankful project {days 1-3}

I stumbled across this sweet link-up hosted by Kenzie of Chasing Happy this morning and am so glad that I did.  What better way to lead up to the holidays than by reflecting on those little (and big) blessings, those silver linings if you will, in my life?  I wish that link-ups like this existed all year round - it's so good for the heart to remember all the ways in which you have been blessed.  I'd love to have you join me in this season of reflecting on how the Lord has showered you with love in your life. 

I'm a few days behind so here's to tackling Days 1-3 in one post!  (I'll try to tackle Day 4 with Day 5 tomorrow.)

Day 1: A Person
I know it's cliche, but the choice here is easy - I'm thankful for that shy but cute guy sitting behind me in law school classes who, two years ago, took me on a stroll along the beach, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I'm thankful for his sweetness and his smile.  I'm thankful for his tender heart and his desire to lead our family spiritually and financially.  I'm thankful for his wisdom and smarts.  I'm thankful for how he loves me, with patience and compassion.  I'm thankful for his drive and for all of his strengths. 
I'm also thankful for his imperfections though - for the journey that we've traveled in this first year and a half of marriage.  I'm thankful for his bravery in working through a challenging time in our lives and for his humility.  I'm so thankful for his willingness to allow God to work in his life and for his desire to bring me closer to Christ.   I'm thankful that we can learn together and help each other grow.  And I'm thankful that each year of our lives together will just get better and better.

Day 2: A Role You'ved Played
"In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips." - Anonymous
That little cutie on the right is my gorgeous, talented, sweet, brilliant little sister.  And the best role I've played in my life has been as a big sister to her.  My sister and I are so lucky in that we are not only sisters, but also best friends.  We grew up very close, despite being three years apart.  From her birth, I was set out to be a good big sister and even had a small role in picking her name...story has it that my parents gave me a short list of names and, when I heard the option "Shelby," I decided that was her name.  It didn't matter that my parents didn't even know the gender of the baby yet!  Luckily, she was a girl.  If she had been a boy, Houston, we would have had a problem. 
While I definitely see us more as peers than the traditional older/younger roles, I'd like to think that through our lives, I have been there for my sister when she needed me.  To celebrate with her, to play with her, to lament with her, to brainstorm with her and to love on her.  She gets me (and I get her) like only a sister-friend would.  I am so proud of her and miss her dearly now that we live apart.  Here's to hoping she decides on a residency program somewhere close to the Midwest. 
Day 3: A Place
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This beautiful place.  My college campus.  When I graduated from Rice, I couldn't wait to get out of Houston.  But now, I remember my time at Rice with fondness.  I learned a lot about myself while in college - the good, the bad, and the ugly - but wouldn't trade my experience for anything now.  I will forever cherish the good memories I made with friends at Rice and am so thankful for the lifelong friendships that I formed while I was there.  Now, if only I could find a way to rewind to when I was 20 and do it all over again...!
Move-in day of freshman year - the start of a great four years!

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