Saturday, November 16, 2013

the thankful project day 16: something you own

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November 16th: Something You Own.
Today I am thankful for this pretty little place - our home.  
 We began casually house-hunting when we were engaged, but didn't want to commit to anything until after we got married.  Lo and behold, a short month after we were married, we found The House.  A few weeks later, it was ours.  Quite the post-wedding whirlwind, let me tell ya!
Being a homeowner has its disadvantages.  When things break, you have to fix them.  You're responsible for paying those pesky property taxes twice a year.  We live in a subdivision run by an HOA, so they get some $$ from us too.  Anything that needs repair or improvement - you're the one to do them (or to pay for someone else to do them).  It can get expensive.

All that aside, though, owning a home comes with many blessings.  I can decorate the house however I want, and have gradually learned what my tastes are.  We love our neighborhood and have some extra-special neighbor friends who lives just a few houses down from us.  We have a great backyard where Lyla can run and we can eat dinner on the patio in the summertime.
I am thankful that we have a place to rest after a long day in the office, a place to invest time and energy into (i.e. painting, landscaping, the works), and most importantly a place where we can have people over - like these wonderful folks in our small group. 
No home is perfect, but I love ours and for now it's perfect for us.

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