Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy November and a belated Happy Halloween!  Our Halloween trick-or-treating was rained out yesterday, so tonight is the official unleashing of kiddos in costumes on sugar highs in our neighborhood.  I'm not sure if we'll be home from work in time to hand out candy, but I sure hope so!  Handing out candy on Halloween is my favorite part of the holiday.  Well, that, and candy pumpkins (not to be confused with candy corn.  The pumpkins are so much better!).
Since it's the first day of November, I'm continuing with my monthly -ings (you can find October's here).  Here's what I'm up to this month:

reading: "Allegiant" by Veronica Roth - the latest in the Divergent trilogy.
making: an organized recipe box. 
cooking: our first chili of the season last night.  Perfect for a rainy Halloween.
drinking: chai tea lattes.  Yum.
wanting:to see "Gravity" in theaters.  It's gotten great reviews and I love movies about space.  Speaking of which, I can't wait to see "Ender's Game" either.  I've loved that book since I was a kid.
playing: Ray LaMontagne pandora station.  All day, every day.
watching: Pacers basketball.  The NBA season has officially commenced, so we will have basketball on in our house from now until February.  Luckily, I like the Pacers and they are purported to be good this year.  Hooray!
eating: leftover blueberry cobbler from a trip to Gannie's last weekend.  SO. GOOD.
wishing: that Thanksgiving was here already.  We are going down to TX to spend the holiday with my family and I can't wait to see them.  Especially my sister.
enjoying: evenings after work with Steve.  I feel like we are finally getting into a routine and our social calendars aren't as packed, so we have more time to just unwind together in the evenings.  It's been great.
waiting: for the first snow.  I know it's coming soon.  :) / :(
wondering: whether I should join the local masters swim team.  Now that I have been able to swim consistently without my back acting up, I am feeling the urge to commit to more scheduled swimming.  We'll see!
learning: basics of cooking.  For example, how to cook broccoli without using the microwave.  We're talking serious basics here.  But it's been fun!
hoping: that the professional pictures we had taken last month turn out well and can be used for Christmas cards.  We didn't get to send out Christmas cards last year, so I'm eager to do them this year!
marveling: at the beautiful changing of colors.  Our leaves were late to change this year, but the gorgeous array of red, orange and yellow was well worth the wait.
smelling: crisp mornings.  There's a certain smell to them that's captivating.
missing: my college five-year reunion.  We couldn't make it work this year and I'm really bummed.
wearing: scarves.  I love scarves and am SO glad that scarf season is upon us!
noticing: small improvements we made to our house this week - a new chandelier makes a huge difference in our entryway!
knowing: that making wise financial decisions now will pay off later.  Now if only "wise financial decisions" included buying a whole new fall wardrobe, which is what I really want to do...!
thinking: that forgiveness is a mysterious thing. There comes a point where you cannot fully forgive - but if you're a Christian, God steps in and does it for you if you ask Him to. 
pinning: crockpot recipies.  My goal is to maximize my crockpot this fall/winter and learn to make some delicious soups and stews from scratch!
feeling: loved by my husband.  So much of it is in the little things. 
praying: for my sister as she goes on residency interview trips.
looking forward to: Thanksgiving!!
loving: looking back on the last year and seeing how far Steve and I have come.  By God's grace, we've come a long way and I am so, so thankful.  Also, looking back to two years ago when we got engaged on 11/11/11! 
Happy November!

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