Thursday, October 10, 2013

weekend in wheaton

Steve and I headed up to Chicago this past weekend to attend his 5-year class reunion at Wheaton College.  We left Indy after work on Friday and spent the night at Gannie's house (really enjoyed catching up with her and my aunt!) before leaving for Wheaton the next morning.  We arrived on campus mid-morning and checked in at the student center for a full day of Wheaton Homecoming festivities!  I was the delegated photographer for the weekend, so sorry in advance for the photo dump :)
We made a quick stop at the campus bookstore, where Steve was pleased/perplexed to find that Perry Mastadon, a Wheaton College resident, seems to have become the university's new mascot.  I think he's cute.
After a short walk around campus, we were off to the chapel!  Edman Chapel is perhaps the most beautiful building on campus where students attend services three times a week.  It is huge and the entire student population can fit inside. 
We took the seats of two Wheaton students, which I was initially concerned about - but Steve assured me that those kids would consider themselves lucky for a free pass from chapel to study. Sure enough, right after we sat down, a student came up and bashfully asked if I would mind moving over a seat to take his spot so he could cram for an exam. I obliged, and no longer felt guilty for stealing someone's seat :) plus, we had a great view!
The chapel service was amazing. We sang a couple of worship songs to begin the service and I was nearly moved to tears when the first verse began... everyone was singing! That's 2,000+ voices, with harmony, praising the Lord three days a week like that. Needless to say, I was incredibly envious of Steve's college experience at that moment.
After chapel, we had lunch with Steve's pre-law professor in the campus servery (which was delicious, by the way) and grabbed some ice cream!  Mine was pumpkin-pie flavored.  SO. GOOD.  I may or may not have gone back the next day and ordered the exact same flavor...
We stopped by the Wheaton College archives, which included this sweet letter from Mother Theresa.  I love the sweet short poem on the second page.
We also found a fun game of Wheatonopoly - complete with Hell instead of Jail and crossing the Jordan River instead of passing Go.  Very clever.
Next up was the campus tour!  We trekked alllllll over campus.  The architecture was beautiful.
 We met up with some friends and Steve's old professors later in the afternoon for a cookout... 
...caught a star gazing session from the roof of the school's new science building... 
...and wrapped up the evening with the most delicious milkshakes of all time.
On Saturday, we caught up with some of Steve's old classmates at a cookout before the Homecoming game.  So much orange and blue! 
Then it was off to the football game!  (I couldn't get over how cute Perry Mastadon's mascot costume was.  I felt sorry for the poor kids inside that costume though - it was 80+ degrees outside and very humid!)
 After a thunderstorm interrupted the game, we took a tour of Steve's old dorm with our friends Charlie and Amanda...
...and headed over to the "official" Class of '08 Reunion.  It was great to see Steve catching up with some old friends and for me to meet people who were a big part of his college experience - they are all great!
Of course, it wouldn't be a trip to (the suburbs of) Chicago without some deep dish pizza.  We went to Gino's East and stuffed our faces.  We were exhausted from the long day, but nothing would stop us from devouring that pizza.  It was delicious.
Random aside - if I ever ask Steve to take a picture of me, he is guaranteed to take at least 20.  His favorites are the random awkward ones where I make weird faces.  He took this...interesting collage below and declared the bottom right to be one of his favorite pictures of all time.  I don't get it.  But for your viewing pleasure, here is happens when I just want one little picture of me smiling and holding a piece of pizza.  Oh well!
On Sunday morning, we caught the early service at Steve's old church.  Isn't that pipe organ gorgeous?  
After church, we had a delicious breakfast with Steve's old roommates (+ Amanda).  They are a great group and breakfast with them was the perfect way to wrap up our trip.
 I'm glad to have a connection to Wheaton College through Steve.  It is a special place and affiliated with so many wonderful people.  We had a great weekend and I can't wait to go back again sometime soon. 

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