Monday, October 7, 2013


I found this list from Veronica at Passion, Pink and Pearls and thought I'd adopt my own version as a check-in each month.  So as we usher in the new month of October, here's what I'm currently up to!
reading: "Boundaries" by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. Charles Townsend.  Great book.  Also, anything by Margaret Atwood.
making: a commitment to work out for an hour 6 of 7 days each week this month.  So far, I'm 4/5 :)
cooking: Breakfast scrambles, aka the easiest breakfast ever - just a bunch of veggies thrown into scrambled eggs.  My husband thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread.  He's a sweetie.
drinking: LOTS of water.  Also, hot tea (Constant Comment).
wanting: to cover my front porch in pumpkins.
playing: with new ways to style my hair.  I've recently learned how to curl it with my left hand, which sounds silly but I'm ridiculously excited about it. Being ambidextrous has its perks.
watching: Once Upon A Time.
eating: leftover birthday cake.  It's a terrible problem.
wishing: that my swimming skills were as good as they once were.  Maybe one day...
enjoying: waking up early.  I know, it sounds crazy, but I feel like I can fit so much more in my day when I rise early and get my workout done before heading to the office.
waiting: for the arrival of a new baby!  Our friends are adopting and found out two weeks ago that they will have a new sweet baby within the next week.
liking: everything about Wheaton College.  We are here for Steve's class reunion/Homecoming and this is a really special place. I'll blog more about it soon.
wondering: when the weather is going to turn fall-ish.  It's strange to me that it's eighty degrees in October (although I'm not complaining!)
learning: a lot at work - I'm working on some projects with a great partner who has taken time to teach me as we progress.  It's been great.
loving: folding little baby clothes while helping my friend prep her nursery for the new baby.  Something about little baby clothes just makes me smile.
hoping: that the government shutdown will be over soon. The longer this shutdown goes on, the more people that will be affected but it. My heart goes out to them.
worrying: whether I'll be able to go to my college's 5-year reunion next month.
marveling: at the true Christian community of our small group. I'm so thankful for all of them.
smelling: pumpkin-scented everything. Tis the season!
missing: my sister.
wearing: a new ring that Steve bought me at the Penrod Arts Fair.
noticing: how often I do not show respect to my husband (convicted by this article).
knowing: that Steve and I feel more connected after a weekend away from home.
thinking: about what to do with this desire God has placed on my heart for teaching others.
bookmarking: everything on  (See noticing, above)
opening: my heart (well, trying to.  Some days are better than others.)
feeling: nostalgic about my college experience. Wheaton College is a special place, and Rice is too. In very different ways.
praying: for my dad's ongoing recovery from shoulder surgery last week.
looking forward to: seeing my mom when she is in IN at the end of this month. 
loving: meeting all of my husband's college friends. It's so fun to get a glimpse into what he was like before we met!

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