Wednesday, October 23, 2013

monday mornings

If you asked me to pick a highlight from this past weekend, I have many to choose from:
  • Attending our last wedding of this season and catching up with old law school friends
  • Finally painting the guest bathroom a beautiful blue from a boring beige
  • Putting up new curtains in the living room that I've been dreaming about for months
  • Prepping the house for the arrival of my mom, grandma and aunt to stay with us
  • Staying up too late to watch an incredible Colts win against the Broncos (and a touching tribute to Peyton, who will always be a Colt to the city of Indianapolis)
  • The crisp and cool arrival of fall
But there's one moment that outdid them all.  That was on Monday morning, when my sleepy-eyed husband poked his head in the bathroom while I was curling my hair and said,

"I love you with all my heart, and with all my heart I love you."

So simple, so sweet.  The perfect way to start the new week.  We've been through a lot in this little marriage of ours, but by God's grace each day gets better and better.  May I never forget that love is in the little things, like Monday mornings.

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