Sunday, September 29, 2013

a golden birthday

Steve turned 28 on the 28th yesterday.  We were blessed with absolutely perfect weather - low 80s and sunny - all day, which was great because we had a full day of outdoor festivities planned!

We began the morning with a birthday breakfast and then took off for our first ever Westie Walk.  We heard about the event through a random Starbucks bulletin board post and figured we'd give it a try.  None of us really knew what to expect.
Turns out, the Westie Walk was amazing.  Imagine one hundred and fifty little Westies all gathered in one place, and then a parade of the cheerful pups on a twenty-minute walk led by bagpipers.  It was absolutely precious.
There were Westies everywhere.  Some wore kilts, others had dresses on - there were even some Colts uniforms.  Some of the owners went all-out in Westie sweaters and Westie hats.  We weren't that hard-core but it was still fun to people- and dog-watch.  Lyla absolutely loved it.
Lyla is a social butterfly and loved meeting as many other dogs as she could.  She was worn out when the event was over!
After the Westie Walk, it was time to start getting ready for Steve's birthday party.  Since Steve loves Mexican food, we decided to make fajitas for our guests.  We marinated steak and chicken for about eight hours.  In the meantime, I cut up red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers, along with sweet onions and mushrooms.  We had about 15 guests for the party, so there were lots of veggies to chop!
(the little 4x6 in the corner is Steve and his twin back in the day.  Such sweet birthday boys.)

Next up was the birthday cake - a chocolate cake and yellow cake cupcakes w/ chocolate icing!
Next came present-opening for Steve.  He got a new firepit from me, and some great presents from family members.
Finally it was time for the twins' party!  The party itself was a huge success.  We have been blessed with so many wonderful friends and it was great just spending the evening outside enjoying the weather and each other's company.  There were a few games of cornhole and bocce ball, and Lyla of course was in the middle of all the excitement.
The birthday boys...
 Time for cake!
We hung out as the sun set and lit the firepit as the night sky set in.  
 Steve and I ended the night exhausted but with full hearts.  I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate my love's golden birthday (and his twin's!) than with so many sweet and wonderful people.

Today, we are recovering and enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon watching the Colts game.  Life is good, my friends.  Hope you had a great weekend!

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