Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the secret life of pie

I hope you all had a lovely fourth of July!  We spent the long weekend up at Gannie's house with my extended family and had a blast.  I'll be posting more pics of our holiday soon....but this post is actually about P-90X and pie.

So, my husband started P-90X yesterday.  I'm pretty sure he has done all of the workout routines before (pre-dating and marriage), but this time he decided to jump on the P-90X foodplan too.  Apparently Tony highly encourages the P-90X participants to follow a strict diet for the 90 days to maximize results.  Makes sense.  But when you are married to someone who is devoted to the P-90X diet, you somehow find yourself also on the same diet, kind of like collateral damage.  Now there are a couple of perks to this: 1) Steve has taken up both cooking and grocery shopping in one fell swoop, leaving me to sit back and relax while he makes dinner; and 2) I am forced to eat healthy, which really is a blessing in disguise. 

Last night, Steve made beef and veggie stirfry.  It was quite delicious!  We finished the meal feeling full and satisfied.  Since it was already close to bedtime by the time we were done (Steve is a very thorough chef and takes his time), we moseyed upstairs to get ready for bed.  About ten minutes later, Steve noticed that I had disappeared and came back downstairs in search of me. 

He found me, sitting on the floor of our living room watching "Love It Or List It" on HGTV (great show) and eating a gigantic piece of lemon meringue pie.  Oops.  As it turns out, Gannie had sent us back home from the holiday with an entire delicious homemade pie, and I am a total sucker for good pie.  So, P-90X diet be darned, it was time to enjoy a piece of that yummy pie!  And enjoy it, I did. 
Steve's reaction: "Of course, I should have known when my wife disappeared that she would be downstairs on the floor eating pie.  Of course."

Does he know me or what? :)

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