Tuesday, July 16, 2013

summer nights

Life seems to have gotten away from us lately, so we took a night off on Friday to see The King and I at the IMA.  Our first real date night in a while. 
We packed a picnic, watched the sunset and sat back to enjoy the classic musical (one of my all-time favorites) under the stars.
The evening certainly wasn't perfect, but it was real.  It was fun.  For one evening, we set aside all of the current baggage of our "normal lives," and picked up a blanket and picnic basket instead.  We got (unnecessarily) competitive over card games.  We stayed up too late and ate too much popcorn.... and it was so freeing.  Just like when we were first dating.
I think somewhere along the way, a lot of married couples forget how to date each other.  Life just gets in the way.  But it's amazing how one imperfect evening under the stars on a blanket with your love can lift that heavy burden of life off of your shoulders, even just temporarily, and bring you back to each other.  In that evening, you feel truly alive together - just like when you first fell in love. 

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