Thursday, July 25, 2013

golf 101

Golf has never really been my thing.  I took golf lessons when I was twelve or so, but hadn't really picked up a golf club since.  I also thought golf was generally a "man's sport" (not true) and, well, boring.  But when another female associate at my firm approached me about doing a ladies' golf tournament, I somehow decided that it was a good idea to sign up.  Granted, she asked me in February and I figured I had plenty of time to a) back out or b) actually learn how to really swing a club.  Turns out neither option happened, so I realized last week that I needed to figure out how this whole golf thing worked before I made a fool of myself out on the golf course.  
Turns out, golf is actually fun!  Steve gave me a crash course on holding the club, getting a good stance and hand grip, and other small but important details to begin golfing with good technique.  After a few evenings hitting cloth balls in our backyard, we ventured to the driving range and had a great time.  Steve is a patient, encouraging teacher and I was able to hit pretty well with almost all of my clubs (which was quite a pleasant surprise).  The driving range turned out to be a great impromptu date, and I also got to see him show off some of his golf moves.  He's a good golfer.
Today was the day of our ladies' tournament.  We had a blast.  My team consisted of four female attorneys from our firm, and we are all what you would consider to be "beginners."  Each of us had some good shots, along with the bad - but we laughed our way through all eighteen holes and had a great day out of the office soaking up the sunshine.  And I only lost two golf balls!
I don't expect to turn into a pro golfer anytime soon, but I am glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and gave golf another try.  Turns out it's something I think I could really enjoy over the years.  Who would have thought?

Also, I'm sure it probably helped a bit that this ambidextrous girl finally figured out last week that she is left-handed, not right-handed, at golf.  Just a bit.

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