Friday, June 21, 2013

memories and milestones

Today is the first day of summer (finally!).  I'm linking up with Lauren today for five silver linings this week:

1.  Sunday marked our first wedding anniversary (you can read about it here).  Cheers to the first year of many!

2.  Sunday was also Father's Day this year, and I reflected on the special love of fathers (and my wonderful dad in particular) here.

3.  This past Tuesday marked the first anniversary of Pops' reunion with the Lord in Heaven.  This one is a true silver lining because although I miss him terribly, there is hope in knowing we will be reunited one day.  Amen.

4.  Steve and I took a quick trip down to Dallas last weekend to see my parents.  I haven't seen them since Christmas and I can't put into words how sweet the reunion was for me.  I miss them dearly and am so glad to have seen them and their new lives in Dallas.  Isn't my mom a beauty?

5.   I've decided to become a morning workout person again, after many months of struggling to fit in a workout after a long day in the office.  I've managed to get up at 6am every day this week for a run... I forgot how much I love watching the sun rise in the morning.  It's been really great.

I am heading up to Chicago for a ladies' weekend with my mom, grandma and aunt this weekend.  It should be a great time, and the area where my grandma lives is just gorgeous in the summertime.  Plus I get to see my mom two weekends in a row!  I. cant. wait. 

Have a great weekend - happy first day of summer!

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