Tuesday, May 21, 2013

weddings, tacos and andrew luck

This past weekend was great.  We headed back down to Houston for another wedding - this time, one of my dear friends from college, Jessie, got hitched!
Jessie and I first became friends at Rice U. when we lived at Brompton Apartments.  She has such a kind heart and I'm so happy she has found her Stephen, who is her perfect match.  The wedding was beautiful and Jessie was such a gorgeous bride!  Sadly enough, I didn't take many pictures over the weekend and the ones I did take were on my phone. Oops.  But my roommate did so if/when I get more I'll add them!  

The weekend was jam-packed with great memories.  Here are a few of the highlights:
-Staying with my college roommate and looking through tons of old pictures
-A trip to Rice Village, complete with an awkward drooling pig fountain
-Lots and lots of Mexican food.  Seriously - Steve managed to have Mexican food at every.single.meal.  Only in Houston... 
-Reminiscing on the good ole' days with the old college crowd   
-Delicious brunch at the Hobbit Cafe (the entire restaurant is LOTR themed!)
-Seeing Shelby multiple days in a row (I miss my little sis like crazy)
-Late night taco trip
-Baker kids reunion
-Going to my old college church with my little sister 
-Soaking up that Texas sunshine
-And of course, catching up with old friends at the wedding!  

One of my favorite things about weddings is the chance to reunite with old friends.  I was lucky to have a great group of close friends in college.  Even though I left TX after graduation and don't make it back home very often, any time we all get back together is so much fun.  

Such a great weekend.  Oh, and did I mention that Andrew Luck just happened to be on our flight back to Indy??  The perfect end to a great trip.  

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