Friday, May 24, 2013

the biggest spectacle in racing

There's no better way to end a work week than knowing that you are coming up to a three-day weekend.  Happy early Memorial Day!  Here are my 5 silver linings this week (linking up with Lauren):

1.  Indy 500 on Sunday.  Aka the Biggest Spectacle in Racing and the most exciting event in Indianapolis all year.  We live for Race Day here, y'all.  We'll be sitting right across from the pits - my favorite part is to watch the cars come in & out of the pits (and nearly crash into each other every time).

2.  A taco date with some of my favorite ladies this week was a great mid-week break from work and led me to write this post on the importance of gal pals.

3.  Steve and I were in Houston this past weekend for a college friend's wedding (I wrote about it in this post).  So good to see old friends and stomp around my hometown with my sister for a while! 

4.  Pacers v. Heat.  George v. Lebron.  I've never been a big NBA fan... until Steve and I started dating.  Now, the Pacers are my boys.  I may have the slightest obsession with Roy Hibbert.  But anyway, Games 2 and 3 of the Pacers v. Heat playoffs are this weekend, with Game 3 here in town on Sunday after the Indy 500.  I'm stoked.
Roy dominating Lebron... NBD.
5.  Only 1 week until Steve and I head down to Florida to celebrate our first anniversary!  Until then, I will be daydreaming about this view of our resort.

Enjoy your long weekend! 

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