Tuesday, March 12, 2013

happy birthday, pops!

Today is the first birthday that Pops will spend up in Heaven.  I am sure he is having an absolute blast.  I wish that he was here so that I could celebrate with him, but I wouldn't want to deprive him of celebrating his eternity with the Father.
My biggest fan - never missed a swim meet!
Pops always made birthdays special - I can't remember a single birthday when I didn't receive some sort of Peanuts greeting card, signed lovingly by Pops and accompanied by a picture of his "guardian angel."  He loved to celebrate the little things in life, and lived each day to the fullest.  He never took a moment for granted to show me (and all he loved) exactly how much we meant to him.
High school graduation (note the Diet Pepsi - his favorite!)
Pops was always my biggest fan and I knew that he was so proud of me.  He was there through every big milestone in my life - every swim meet (and I mean every one - he would drive for hours just to see me swim a 1.5 minute long race!), high school graduation, college graduation, law school graduation - and even stayed with us just long enough for my wedding.  He passed away two days later.  I'm certain that he planned it that way...thinking of others until his last breath.
College graduation
Law school graduation - 3 attorneys in the family
So happy birthday, Pops!  I miss you dearly but am so happy for you, spending eternity with our Savior.  I remember you with all my love today, and can only imagine how sweet the reunion must have been yesterday when Uncle Marty left us to join you in Heaven.  Miss you, love you, can't wait to see you again someday.
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Love always,
Your Roadrunner

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