Friday, March 29, 2013

good friday

There's something about today that makes my heart jump inside.  I think it's because spring is finally around the corner!  The days are getting longer, the snow is actually melting and the temperature is climbing (slowly but surely).  Can't wait for that first Friday night grilling out on the patio.  Summer will be here before we know it!  So on that happy note, here are my five silver linings this week:

1.  Today is an extra special Friday - it's Good Friday. Today I am extra-thankful for what my Savior has done for me, including giving up his life for me and taking all my sin from me. Because of this weekend over two thousand years ago, I have been washed white as snow. While today I am reminded of Christ's death, I cannot wait until Sunday when I celebrate that He is Risen! Hallelujah!

2.  I can't seem to shake my connection to March Madness this year. I somehow got put in charge of running our firm-wide tournament (and am shockingly in 12th place...don't know how that happened), I got to enjoy a girls' weekend while the hubs was at the Big 10 Tournament a couple of weekends ago and tonight Steve is taking me to back-to-back Sweet Sixteen games at Lucas Oil Stadium. While I'm not an avid bball fan, I love all live sports so it's going to be a fun date night.

3.  Florida. Sunshine. Need I say more? You can read about the best weekend getaway ever here.

4.  While in Florida, I got to dive into several books that I've been dying to read (or re-read) for ages.  I'm a fan of the classics and forgot just how much I enjoy John Steinbeck.  If you haven't read East of Eden, you really should.  It's terrific.  Now to just find a copy of the movie somewhere...

5.  I'll leave you with this awesome "12 Questions You Didn't Know about Beauty and the Beast."  I was a huge Belle fan growing up (probably because she was the kind of girl who would take me up on #4 above...) and this rocked my world.  Seriously.  I mean, did anyone else ever wonder how the Beast managed to stay the same age over the years that he was a Beast??  Someone didn't think that one all the way through.  Regardless, still my favorite Disney movie.

Happy Easter weekend!


  1. It's Friday... But Sunday is coming :) thank you Jesus!! Have a blessed Easter weekend! That sunshine and the ocean look magnificent!

  2. Beauty & the Beast was my fave. I was her for Halloween at least 3 times!

    Those were some good questions. How did the 10 years of beastyness escape my thoughts all of those years. That is not adding up!

    But as far as what happens if Bell touches the rose, I figure it'll knock the petals off and speed up the curse.

    1. I bet you are right about the petals! That's really the only explanation for keeping the rose protected by the glass jar for all those years. As far as the beastyness goes, I'm afraid we'll never know the real answer... :)

  3. I hope you have an amazing Easter weekend, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord! :-)

    1. Thanks Susannah - I hope you had a lovely Easter as well!