Monday, March 4, 2013


Last Wednesday, I celebrated my birthday.  It was an extra-special birthday (aka my "golden birthday") because I turned 27 on the 27th.  Yippee!  I don't know who came up with the "golden birthday" concept, but I planned to take full advantage of making an even bigger event out of my birthday than it already would be, for the sake of it being "golden" and all. 

Then, I found out on Monday that I would be traveling to and from Wisconsin (about a 5 hr drive each way) on my birthday for work.  Through a snow storm.  And Chicago rush hour traffic.  Greaaaaat. 

And that's when I realized, I wanted to be completely selfish on my birthday.  I wanted the world to revolve around me.  I wanted the whole kaboodle - flowers, presents, birthday songs, cake - and felt I was owed all of these great things, just because it was my "golden" birthday.  How childish of me.  I was wallowing in self-pity when a good girl friend reminded me that God can still shower me with blessings, even if things don't seem to go the way I want them to.  And that's what happened on my little adventure up to the land of cheese.  God blessed me.  He gave me quality time spent undisturbed in His word.  Time to spend reflecting on some difficult situations in my life... and bringing God into them through prayer (which I am terrible at but am working on!).  Several hours of belting to showtunes, which I haven't done in ages.  Surprisingly safe roads - with minimal traffic!  And, to top it all off, He got me back home at a decent time, so I could still open presents and eat a piece of Steve's homemade strawberry cake (my favorite) before I tumbled into bed.  He is so good to me, even when I am as selfish as I could possibly be.

You know what else great came from this more unusual birthday?  Since I couldn't celebrate everything at once on the actual day, I was blessed with several "mini-birthday" celebrations, full of love and joy...and of course, lots and lots of birthday cake! 

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