Monday, February 18, 2013

the attack of the girl scout cookies

This weekend, girl scout cookies and I had a battle.  An epic battle of self-control, discipline, resisting temptation and controlling my ever-present sweet tooth.  And I am ashamed to admit that I lost - badly.  Girl scout cookies = 1, Amy = 0.  Sigh.  I just can't resist these little boxes of deliciousness!

I was never a girl scout growing up, but I always looked forward to that day at school when the girl scout cookies would be delivered.  Chances are I had saved up and splurged on a box of both the tagalongs and do-si-dos (my two favs) and would proceed to devour them as fast as I could.  Usually it was only a matter of days. 

Apparently not much has changed since then.  We ordered six boxes from our nieces this year (3 and 3, to keep it even).  Then, my in-laws were mean sweet enough to give us some of their boxes.  Steve is allergic to nuts, so that left all peanut butter cookies to me (yes!).  He's more of a samoa fan.  The thin mints went straight to the freezer - everyone knows they are much better frozen - and the rest remained on our kitchen counter.  Throughout the weekend, as I walked by, I would "sample" a trefoil.  Or decide on "just one" tagalong.  Before I knew it, I had eaten girl scout cookies for lunch and lost my appetite for dinner.  Two days in a row.  Epic fail. 

So my new plan for the epic battle round 2 is as follows: get all cookies out of the house ASAP.  And learn to develop some self-control like a grownup.  And embrace my new-found motivation to stick to my mini-marathon training.  And no more girl scout cookies... until next year!  The jury is still out on these guys - after all, I do prefer ice cream over cookies ;)

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