Friday, February 15, 2013

breakfast in bed and other delights

I can't believe that February is over halfway over.  We've been enjoying some atypical warm weather here (by warm, I mean the 40s... it's all about perspective haha), which has made me in the mood for spring to get here soon! 

Here's my five silver linings for this week:

1.  Sweet valentine (and girl scout cookies!!) delivery from my little niece.  The picture is of two "pegasus-unicorns" - so cute!  She makes my heart melt.

2.  Ultimate work valentine delivery - roses, chocolate and Starbucks :) Steve certainly knows the way to my heart... through chai tea lattes of course.
3.  I'm seeing Safe Haven tomorrow with the small group girls.  I haven't seen a Nicholas Sparks movie since the Notebook (which still makes me cry like a baby every time I see it).  I didn't think any of the other latest ones could live up to the Notebook's glory.  But I've heard fantastic things about this one and am looking forward to spending some quality time with lovely ladies.  And yes, I'm pretty sure I'll probably be bawling my eyes out the entire time.  I'm a crier, it happens.
4.  An absolutely wonderful Ash Wednesday service at church this week.  It was a great start to the Lent season and an incredible reminder of how broken and in need of Jesus I am.

5.  Steve and I had a spat.  That's not the silver lining to be sure... but the next morning, he surprised me with breakfast in bed as a way to make up.
What a sweet way to make me feel special :)  Not to mention, feeling like I had transformed overnight into one of the Grantham ladies:
(PS - if you haven't jumped on the Downton Abbey band wagon, you totally should.  I am obsessed.)
Happy Friday!


  1. I have to start Downton Abbey this weekend. I must know what all the fuss is about! So glad to have found your lovely blog!

    1. It is a great show, you will love it! But be warned, it is very addicting :) Thanks for finding me!

  2. I love your different colored roses!!! So pretty :)

    And I am dying to see Safe Haven myself!! Trying to convince my hubs on that one!

    Found you through the H54F linkup!! xo, Bev

    1. Thanks! You may have to bribe your hubbie to get him to go, but I think any guy who takes his lady to that movie automatically gets bonus points which could be good incentive for him :) So glad you found me, thanks for stopping by!

  3. HAHAHAHAH I am not a Downton Abbey watcher but I really want to watch it but I am so far behind. I laughed at that last photo though. Breakfast in bed is the best, however!
    I am a new follower! If you want to check out my blog you can at anythingbetween

    Thanks so much!

    1. You should watch it! I think season 1 is on Netflix now and season 2 should be shortly. Thanks for following! I'm following you now too :)

  4. I love the valentine from your niece, and the multi-colored roses from Steve! new follower! and, I love Downton... My Steve and I have watched them all, even though we just started a few weeks ago!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I'm glad you're a Downton fan too... I missed last night's episode and have it waiting on my DVR when I get home tonight. The suspense is killing me! :) I'm following you now too, your blog is too cute!