Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Today is Steve's and my seven-month anniversary.  Not that I was counting down to it or anything... I actually only realized it last night.  As a matter of fact, we (and I really mean both of us) have been absolutely terrible about celebrating our anniversaries thus far.  We have tended to celebrate our un-niversaries more than anniversaries - ya know, in the Alice in Wonderland un-birthday sort of way.

We missed our one-month while we were busy bidding on our house, two-months fell right during packing/moving time and month 3 flew by before we knew it.  We somehow managed to remember month 4, of all months... Steve made homemade spaghetti sauce and brought home a bouquet of lilies (my favorite):

And month 5 was celebrated with a quick lunch date at our favorite restaurant, Stone Creek.  Yes it was just lunch, and yes I got a massive piece of carrot cake.  So sue me :)

So we were on a roll, if you'd call it that (2 months in a row is quite an improvement from the first three months, haha!) but somehow, we missed the 6-month anniversary.  Epic fail.  Actually, to be honest, December 16th was the biggest fight that we have ever had as a married couple.  But I'll tell you what - that day, we got real with each other.  We opened up to each other.  We exposed all of our ugliness and sinful natures to each other... all of our hurts and struggles and imperfections.  We didn't hold back.  And here's the beautiful thing - on our 6-month anniversary, we got a glimpse of what "real marriage" is all about.  Not the fighting part per se, but loving each other in spite of (both of) our sinful natures.  Not of hiding, but sharing.  Not denying, but admitting and confiding.  Making ourselves completely vulnerable to the other, so that we can show Christ's love to each other and forgive as Christ forgives.  That in our weaknesses, we can find strength through Christ.

This is the only picture that I have on my phone from December 16th.  The only documentation of our 6-month.  But how incredibly fitting of that day.

I shall dwell secure.  He shall be my peace.
We shall dwell secure.  He shall be our peace.

On that day, I declared that over my life.  And I declared that over our marriage.  So no matter what our seven-month anniversary, or any other anniversary, has in store, I know that day by day, I shall dwell secure because my Heavenly Father is my peace.  And His hand is on my life, and on Steve's life, and on our marriage.  Through Him, two sinners can learn the true meaning of covenant love.

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